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Depend Gets Facelift

May 10, 2005

Kimberly-Clark is revamping the packaging of its Depend adult incontinence products. The new packaging will make it easy for users and caregivers to quickly find the right product solutions to help manage incontinence and will appeal to baby boomers who need help dealing with the condition. A major integrated advertising and promotional campaign will coincide with the repackaging. The new designs were driven by insights from Depend consumers. Research found that users and caregivers are often embarrassed by the process of shopping for adult incontinence products and can be confused by the different options available on store shelves. As a result consumers often buy the wrong product. The packaging features: an updated green background color, which is fresh, modern and inviting, simplified package graphics, lifestyle images of baby boomers engaged in active pursuits, an information band concentrating on key decision-making information such as absorbency, size, product appearance and package count and an easy-to-read product selection guide on the back panel.

In addition to the redesign, two products have been renamed to more clearly describe their benefits. Depend Undergarment have been renamed Depend Belted Shield and Depend brand Refastenable Underwear have been renamed Depend Adjustable Underwear.

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