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K-C Launches Growth Strategy

December 9, 2004

Kimberly-Clark Corporation has made plans to increase its dividend 12.5% and to repurchase at least $1 billion of its outstanding common stock in 2005. These goals will be met through a number of strategies designed to deliver growth, improve profitability and boost returns including brand-building efforts, strategic shifts in capital allocation and research and development spending. Highlights of these plans include upcoming product launches such as Huggies Bath & Body products, Scott Extra Soft bathroom tissue and Pull-Ups training pants with wetness liner; the announcement of a three-year cost savings target of $400-$500 million; discussion of a targeted growth strategy for developing and emerging markets with the focus on opportunities in six countries-Brazil, Russia, India, China, Indonesia and Turkey; and the excellent prospects for growth of the company's Health Care business.

The early January introduction of new training aids to its market-leading Pull-Ups training pants. The company will launch a new line extension, Pull- Ups training pants with Wetness Liner, and will add Learning Designs fading graphics to its existing training pants to provide parents and children with a choice of potty training aids.

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