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SAAF, Ahlstrom Strike Deal

November 30, 2004

Advanced Fabrics (SAAF), a Saudi Arabian manufacturer of spunmelt nonwovens, has partnered with Ahlstrom Corporation, a nonwovens producer with headquarters in Finland, to market sterile barrier systems wrap to the European medical market. The agreement allows Ahlstrom to complement its own range of fabrics and become a one-stop shop for end users looking to source the complete range of products in the singe-use wrap market. ³Ahlstrom recognized the need to add spunmelt nonwovens to its range to cover plasma sterilization applications where traditional fabrics were not suitable,² said Paul Marold, vice president of Ahlstrom. For SAAF, the partnership complements its strategy of ³win-win² partnerships on the global stage with like-minded companies to offer the end user simple-to-source, high quality products, according to executives.

In other news, Ahlstrom has introduced a breakthrough fabric for medical gowns that provides both a high level of viral barrier protection and enhanced comfort thanks to a combination of raw materials and fabric construction. Called Breathable Viral Barrier, BVB, this triple-layered fabric features a responsive monolithic membrane sandwiched between inner and outer fabrics made of continuous fine filaments. The inner layer provides a soft touch to the wearer's skin while the outerlayer provides additional repellency and strength. It meets ASTM F1671 viral barrier requirements.

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