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Winding Seminar

November 30, -0001

Seminars For Engineers (www.Seminars­, a division of Sensor Products Inc., in association with Finishing Technologies Inc., has rescheduled its Mechanics of Winding seminar to be held in Chicago, Illinois on October 30-31. Focusing on all aspects related to winding operations including unwinds, slitters, spreaders and roll handling, Mechanics of Winding delves into specifics of winder options, winding machine mechanical and control details, winding theory, roll quality measurement techniques, and roll defect analysis. Though theory is included, emphasis is placed on practical problem solving techniques for the plant engineer.

Instructed by Dr. David Rosium, a renowned authority in the area of winding, web handling and converting, Mechanics of Winding is an essential resource for product/process designers, process engineers, QA, sales/service, maintenance and lead operators. The physics of winding is applicable to any of the web industries including paper, film, metals, nonwovens and textiles. This inaugural course will prove to be vital to manufacturers and web product converters and practical for machine builders, component suppliers and material suppliers.