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Waste Conversion Machine

November 30, -0001

New literature from trim waste and scrap solution provider Precision Air­Convey, Newark, DE, introduces the WastePAC Densifier, a machine that converts plastic film, foil, poly-coated paper, loose scrap and other waste into valuable, manageable bricks ready for reuse or disposal. Developed for convertors, compounders, film processors, contract packagers and recycling and waste handling companies, the WastePAC Densifier product data sheet features detailed schematics to demonstrate how the PAC equipment automatically compresses both dirty and clean material into rigid blocks with a compaction ratio of 40 to 1. According to the product data sheet, the WastePAC Densifier achieves high production speeds of 450 pounds per hour with virtually no human interaction, permitting immediate reduction in scrap volume, manual labor and disposal fees. Telephone: 302-999-8000; Fax: 302-266-7559.