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Ultrasonic Welder

Published November 30, -0001
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Westchester, PA-based Sonobond Ultrasonics is the recipient of the 2004 IDEA Equipment Award for its Ring­Master Filter Bag machine. The RingMaster is a specialized assembly system that ultrasonically attaches fleted filter media to rigid plastic rings to create filter bags for chemical and industrial applications.

Ultrasonic welding is achieved when vibrational energy is introduced, via a welding head, at the interface of the plastic part and the nonwoven filter media. The two step process, which results in a complete 360-degree weld between the bag and the plastic ring in less than 10 seconds. Telephone: 610-696-4710; Fax: 610-692-0674; E-mail:; Web: www.­sonobond­ultrasonic­.com