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November 30, -0001

Huntsman Textile Effects has launched Invasan RCD, the latest effect to qualify for the High IQ freshness label. Textiles treated with Invasan RCD look and smell fresh regardless of whether they are active wear, casual wear, intimate apparel or even home textiles. This advanced technology is sugar derived making it completely natural and safe for use. The secret lies in small capsules, which are bonded to cotton during fabric processing and get charged with the scent from the detergent or the fabric softener during laundering. As moisture and temperature increases during wear, these scents are slowly released providing the wearer with a lasting, freshly laundered scent. And it does not end with the first wash, but continues after each home laundering. Invasan RCD technology qualifies for the High IQ freshness label—Hunts­man's global brand for communicating intelligent effects for textiles.


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