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November 30, -0001

Dierk Mohr will take over for Peter Hartwig as managing director of  J.H. Ziegler, the German nonwovens company. Mohr previously served as managing director of the Eckerle-Gruppe, a supplier to the automobile industry. Hartwig, who worked at Ziegler for 20 years, is retiring but will remain a member of the company’s advisory board.

During his 20 years as managing director, Hartwig helped transform Ziegler from a small local nonwovens manufacturer focused on the furniture industry into a global supplier with factories in Achern and Lambrecht, Germany and  Bábolna (Hungary). Its product portfolio includes nonwovens made from synthetic and natural fibers with optional finishing to customer requirements. In 2012, the company achieved its highest ever turnover of more than €39 million . Key markets today are the automotive industry and its suppliers as well as the furniture and plastics processing industries. A new field of activity focuses on materials for insulating applications.

At the handover, the Mohr emphasised the company's excellent positioning for the future. “Above average investments in the development of new products and intensification of marketing activities will lead to further sales growth. The motivated workforce, some with many years of experience, are the foundation for the company's success,” he says.

In the medium term, Ziegler will need to consider additional production sites because automotive customers require manufacturing in sales markets around the globe. Initial considerations are already being given to customizing and finishing facilities in China, Mohr adds.