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Savare Specialty Adhesives Produces Chemicals and Adhesives

November 30, -0001

Savare Specialty Adhesives is a family-owned company that has produced high quality specialty chemicals and adhesives since 1924. The company was founded by the grandfather of Biagio Savare, the current president of the company. Dr. Savare represents the third generation of chemists to lead the company.

The company is headquartered in Milan, Italy and the main European production plant is situated in Cerro, which is north of Milan and about 20 km from the Swiss border. In early 2007, the company started pro­ducing hotmelt adhesives in the U.S. in a new facility near Columbus, OH.

This new production site provides Savare with the ability to offer high quality hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives to the North American and Latin American markets.

Savare is currently producing hotmelt adhesives (HMPSA) for all nonwovens applications mainly focusing on the hygienic and absorbent products industry. Savaré operates with a Total Quality System and has obtained ISO9001 certification. Its commitment towards Environment, Health and Safety has also lead Savaré to implement ISO14001 and OSHAS18001.

For the packaging of its hotmelt pressure sensitive adhesives Savaré has developed the worldwide patented, unique, environmentally friendly Safemelt technology that is available from both the European and U.S. plants. Products are also available in fiber drums.

The company's commitment to the customer is best manifested when asked to cooperate on a new application development. Savaré's long-term experience guarantees a remarkable capacity for researching, defining and developing tailor-made products and technological solutions.

Savaré' offers a full range of commercially available hotmelt adhesives for all standard and high technology applications used in diapers, feminine care and incontinence products as well as for other absorbent articles. This includes a full range of positioning, construction and elastic adhesives as well as more specialty applications.

A completely equipped pilot line is at the customer's disposal to validate product and application development of the adhesive before scaling up on the production line.

The customers are further supported by a Technical Service Lab offering analysis and testing of the clients' materials in order to guarantee the efficiency of their production process and the performance of their finished products.

The continuity of the complete Savaré organization is a key strength and is pursued through knowledge and experience consolidation within the Savaré organization. This attitude is also supported by an excellent relationship with co-suppliers of materials, machinery and adhesive application equipment.

Savaré's alternative technical and business approach has been greatly appreciated by the market resulting in an encouraging increase of the number of customers including global companies.

Savaré's headquarters expansion, currently under construction in Milan, and the new North America plant confirm continuous investment and high commitment to become a leading supplier to the hygienic industry.

Company executives believe that the recent consolidation in the adhesive industry provides an excellent opportunity for Savaré' Specialty Adhesives. The company has the experience, technology, size and focus that will allow it to continue growth as a key supplier to the hygienic and absorbent products industry.

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