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Odor-Control Technology

November 30, -0001

Omniflex has added Natural Elements odor-control technology to its Transport family of waterproof-breathable bedding films. These new films provide many benefits when used as backings for top fabric layers in home, hospital, crib and hotel mattresses: including built-in antibacterial technology, a barrier against liquid penetration, breathability, fire resistance and recyclability.

Unlike other manufacturing methods that require two separate layers to control odor and provide waterproof breathability, Transport films with Natural Elements now allow bedding designers and manufacturers to create waterproof-breathable, bacteria-, mold- and mildew-killing textile composites with a single film-to-fabric lamination.  

These high-performance films can be used in a wide variety of applications that demand high moisture-vapor transmission, excellent stretch and recovery, quietness, or wash durability. Made from polyurethane, co-polyester, and ether-amide polymers, Transport films can be laminated to fabrics using all commercial lamination techniques for two-, 2.5-, and three-layer fabrics.

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