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NSC Launches Mid-Size Nonwovens Line

November 30, -0001

NSC nonwoven has introduced Axcess, a new range of nonwovens machinery engineered for medium capacity (tonnage) markets while maintaining the quality standards of its high capacity Excelle nonwoven lines. Axcess offers customers an alternative to drylaid nonwovens lines where lower production capacities and lower capital investment costs are better suited to their corporate strategies than the high capacity Excelle line.

NSC nonwoven launched the Axcess A.30 range of needlepunch lines at the recent Asia ITMA Expo in Shanghai, China where the reception was extremely positive, resulting in the sale of multiple lines with many other projects under consideration.

This strategic move for NSC nonwoven arrives at a particulary favorable time, since the vast majority of nonwovens producers are eagerly looking for niche markets with added values. The market trend is clearly showing increased investments worldwide using the drylaid process, particularly crosslaid needlepunching. With the technologies now available at NSC nonwoven providing cost-effective solutions, it perfectly meets the industry expectation, with special focus for geotextile, filtration and automotive end applications.

The Axcess range of nonwoven technologies is designed not only for the needlepunch industry but also for alternative bonding technologies where direct web manufacturing lines enable the production of different nonwoven fabrics such as spunlace wipes with Rieter Perfojet Avantage technology or with other bonding technologies such as thermal, chemical or laminating for composite nonwoven applications.

The Axcess range of nonwoven technologies includes web forming carding systems, batt forming crosslapping with profile capability, batt drafting and felt drafters, needlelooms and winding systems. The engineering of the Axcess range of machinery is based on the proven technologies of Asselin-Thibeau and therefore offers customers a choice of manufacturing capacities tailored to meet their investment and market demands.


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