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Melt Filtration System

November 30, -0001

Many major players in the field of PET strapping tape from throughout the world gathered to take part in an open house, which was organized by SIMA and Gneuss and took place July 7-11 at SIMA's factory in Bologna, Italy. The latest innovation in the field of PET strapping tapes from 100% PET bottle flake or other PET scrap was presented. This newly developed, revolutionary line concept is a result of the long and intensive cooperation between SIMA and Gneuss in this field, each company contributing its own experience and know-how.

During the open house, the visitors had the opportunity to see a PET strapping tape line (a further development of the SIMA technology, which has been highly rated by strapping tape manufacturers worldwide) running under production conditions, without any pretreatment of the PET bottle flake. Thanks to the new, patented MRS Multi Rotation System extruder from Gneuss, the flakes can be put straight into the extruder. Gneuss, a worldwide technology leader with regard to melt filtration systems, has set a milestone in the devolatilization of polymer melts.


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