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Hydrophilic Softener

November 30, -0001

Wacker has developed a new silicone softener emulsion for the hydrophilic finishing of textiles. The product, a self-dispersing concentrate, imparts not only outstanding absorbency and a very good hand, but also high stability in alkaline solutions and easy processability. The product is sold under the name Wetsoft NE 580 and can be applied universally. Wetsoft NE 580, a microemulsion concentrate based on modified silicones, offers a range of effects and properties.

Compared with conventional silicone-based softeners, Wetsoft NE 580 is first and foremost extremely stable when exposed to high pH values, elevated temperatures, high shear and in the presence of salts. The microemulsion concentrate can be diluted in any proportion with cold tap water without turning cloudy. Adding emulsifiers is not required. Wetsoft NE 580 may be used on its own or together with other finishing agents. Its high resin stability even allows its use in high-end finishing.

Wetsoft NE 580 is suited to be used in the finishing of both natural fibers, such as cotton and linen, as well as mixed and synthetic fibers, such as polyesters. It is especially advantageous when finishing polyester fabrics, since the hydrophilic nature associated with Wetsoft NE 580 is much more pronounced than with conventional hydrophilic silicone softeners.
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