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Filler System

November 30, -0001

The EasyFil system from Nordson Corporation  helps streamline plant operations by automating adhesive filling of multiple melters. Centralized distribution in a closed system minimizes routine material handling and adhesive contamination inherent with manual filling methods. The efficient system gives high-volume manufacturers more choices in adhesive distribution, while significantly reducing operating costs and service. The EasyFil system interfaces with 1.0 to 1.2 metric-ton bulk delivery tanks that have a capacity more than five times greater than standard adhesive drums to reduce changeover frequency and minimize material handling. Fast container replacement within 10 minutes minimizes downtime.

The Nordson system provides the hydraulic and electrical components to link bulk delivery tanks to multiple melters. These include a docking station, pumping station, temperature and level control, adhesive supply hoses, and melter lid-fill kits. The closed system reduces adhesive contamination that can cause nozzle clogging, downtime and associated maintenance. Automated melter filling limits operator involvement and potential for injury caused by lifting or moving adhesive boxes, molten adhesive splash-back, and adhesive floor spills. This closed design also minimizes employee exposure to fumes and particulates caused by open adhesive boxes and melter lids.