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Elastic Feeding Solutions

November 30, -0001

OverEnd Technologies offers advanced elastic thread handling equipment and process improvement consulting services to the absorbent hygiene products industry. With fifteen years of elastic handling and equipment design experience and one of the industry’s most knowledgeable elastic handling experts, the professional staff of OverEnd Technologies provides its customers with world-class equipment and unsurpassed support. 

The innovative elastic feeding solutions offered by OverEnd Technologies provide baby diaper and adult incontinent producers with solutions to virtually eliminate production down-time and elastic material waste while dramatically increasing quality of the finished product. 

A patent-pending over end elastic feeding system from OverEnd Tech­nologies provides two key advantages over other elastic feeding systems.  First, a revolutionary thread take off design virtually eliminates the surges and spikes that normally occur as elastic is pulled off the end of the spool in over end feeding. Second, the tension of each active thread line is controlled independently to ensure optimum tension at the point of application into the product. Both features minimize thread breaks while improving the overall tension quality in the end product.

An OverEnd Tech­nologies over end take off system, which can be added to any new or existing production line, will immediately and continually benefit personal care products manufacturers with a 3- to 6-month return on investment and an estimated annual cost savings of $8000 per thread line. 

OverEnd Technologies offers a wide range of elastic feeding systems. From its enhanced, updated version of the traditional surface-driven unwinding system to its customized over end feeding system that can be fully integrated with the controls of high-speed production lines, each OverEnd Tech­nologies elastic feeding solution is care­fully designed to meet the needs of the individual customer.