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Coating Technology

November 30, -0001

Brückner Plant Technologies, Leonberg, Germany, is a supplier of systems for the finishing of technical textiles. The company is pioneering new technologies in both coating and nonwovens. In the textiles sector, Brückner cooperates closely with leading producers of coating polymers such as Huntsman Textile Effects, based in Langweid am Lech, Germany, to create functionality on both sides of textiles in one single drying step. This saves energy and costs.

In addition, the most unique textiles—whether they are woven, knitted fabric, nonwovens or three-dimensional structures—are being coated on tailor-made line concepts made by Brückner for the most different requirements. Application possibilities range from protective clothing to a variety of technical appliances. In the hygiene sector, incontinence articles are being coated with polyurethane; in the mobiltech area, the company is developing air bags with silicone and truck tarpaulins with PVC. In the building sector, acrylate coatings are used to reinforce roofing membranes made of nonwovens and in industrial applications, phenol resins are used for abrasive cloth and glass fiber impregnations.

Brückner has also introduced innovative dryer concepts for the reinforcement and finishing of nonwovens. High flexibility regarding the field of application with minimum energy consumption and low set-up times were some of the most important criteria in the development of the new Power-Therm DT. The possibility to set different temperatures and circulating air flows above and below the material is a unique feature. Without this feature, the productivity of the line was limited in particular for compound materials and coatings and this has been one of the most urgent requests from customers.

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