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Adhesive Solutions

November 30, -0001

Glen Rock, PA-based Adhesive Research, Inc., is offering custom-engineered high-performance  adhesion  solutions. The company offers the development of high performance adhesion solutions for use with specialty fabrics, textiles, nonwovens, fiberglass, composites, technical fabrics and films, as well as hard-to-adhere-to low energy surfaces for various applications that require materials to be exposed to hostile environments. The company has developed an extensive profile of adhesion technologies that  can replace mechanical processes such as stitching, seam sealing of low energy surfaces or joining of specialty fabrics. Among the technologies are high-performance radiation curable systems, flame retardants, thermally activated  and high-strength bonding pressure-sensitive adhesives. Telephone: 717-235-7979; Fax: 717-227-3484; Web: www.­

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