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  • Fameccanica Discusses New Hygiene Machinery Technologies

    New baby diaper and high speed baby pant machines among Italian company's latest innovations

  • Hygiene Film/Components | Machinery and Equipment
    Advances in Ultrasonics

    Advances in Ultrasonics

    Ultrasonic suppliers’ improved bonding systems allow for softer, more comfortable absorbent hygiene products.
    Tara Olivo, associate editor 01.02.17

  • Fibers

    Ultrasonic Bonding Machines

    Sonobond Ultrasonics now has 10 machines, plus several modules for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), that provide fast, reliable and cost effective ultrasonic bonding of woven and nonwoven textile products. The line-up includes the following m…

  • Ultrasonic Bonding Equipment

    Leading ballistic vest manufacturers rely on Sonobond Ultrasonics’ equipment to help them comply with the tough standards set by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).These standards mandate that body armor must be totally waterproof. (See NIJ-010…

  • Ultrasonic Bonding

    Sonobond Ultrasonics‘ultrasonic bonding technology is continuing to gain momentum in medical product manufacturing as medical professionals demand better infection control and as manufacturers become more aware of the advantages ultrasonic tech…

  • Fibers | Filtration | Wipes

    Ultrasonic Bonding -- New Possibilities and Opportunities

    the ins and outs of this key bonding technology.

  • Filtration

    Ultrasonic Bonder

    Sonobond Ultrasonics’ SeamMaster High Profile Ultrasonic Bonder has won praise for exceptional performance and cost-efficiency from Velcon Filters, a leading manufacturer of jet fuel filters. According to Sonobond’s president, Janet Devin…