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  • Kimberly-Clark


    January 1, 2008
    Location: DALLAS, TX Sales: $1.3 billion Description: Partnership Products and K-C Professional Headquarters Roswell, GA 30076 Telephone: 770-587-8000 Key Personnel Thomas Falk, chairman and CEO; Jan Spencer, president, K-C Professional global;…

  • DuPont


    January 1, 2008
    Location: WEINHEIM, GERMANY Sales: $1.35 billion Description: Key Personnel Barry Granger, vice president and general manager, DuPont Nonwovens; James Pawloski, global business director, Tyvek; Nigel Budden, global business director, Sontara and Ty…

  • Apparel Appeal

    Tiffany Overstreet, Smart Choices || December 5, 2007
    how one manufacturer used an apparel mindset to create an innovative nonwoven single-use panty

  • Hygiene Hype

    Christine Esposito, Nonwovens Staff || December 5, 2007
    suppliers feel the squeeze as costs and expectations soar

  • Standex Makes Acquisition

    November 21, 2007
    Carolina Roll Engravers is a maker of engraved rollers.

  • Loparex Expands Indian JV

    November 11, 2007
    Film and release paper supplier Loparex Group has expanded its joint venture operations in India.

  • Emerging Markets Force San Pro Makers To Re-examine Priorities

    Adrian Atterby, Euromonitor International || November 8, 2007
    proliferation of premium products now as important as volume growth in some developing countries

  • Mechanical Closure Tape

    November 6, 2007
    Patented is a composite tape in a roll from which a closure tab for disposable articles can be cut. A fastening tape comprises a backing film with a fastening surface, a bonding extension section and an engaging extension section. The bonding extensi…

  • Absorbent Barrier Structures Having A High Convective Air Flow Rate And Articles Made Therefrom

    November 6, 2007
    An absorbent article comprising an absorbent core, a topsheet, an outer cover and an absorbent barrier structure was patented. The absorbent barrier structure has a hydrohead value of at least about 10 mBars, a convective air permeability of at least…

  • Barrier Film

    October 30, 2007
    Patented is a barrier film comprising a base material film and a barrier layer on at least one side surface of the base material film. The barrier layer comprises a water repellent layer and a dense layer. The water repellent layer is a silicon oxide…

  • Heat-Shrinkable Polyester Film

    October 9, 2007
    Patented is a heat shrinkable polyester film, which satisfies the following requirements, (A) to (C): (A) when a square test piece cut off from the heat-shrinkable polyester film in a size of 10 cm x 10 cm is immersed in hot water at 70°C for five s…

  • RKW Invests In Rieter Line

    August 27, 2007
    RKW-Group has invested in a SPUNjet line from Rieter.

  • Needling Tools

    July 26, 2007
    Schober USA has improved its VentPerf needling tools and systems which are ideal for micro-perforation and cutting of film, paper, foil, laminates, nonwovens and more. New designs are available to provide ventilation, moisture release or enhanced p…

  • Solutions In Film & Fiber

    July 14, 2007
    With innovative film and nonwoven system solutions, RKW is a global leader in the business field of hygiene and medical products.

  • Tyvek Hits Milestone

    June 21, 2007
    Technology celebrates 40th anniversary.

  • Sensor Film

    June 14, 2007
    In marketing food or pharmaceuticals, packaging is just as important as the product, especially in delivering fresh and effective flavors and drugs. Sensor Products Inc. announces Pressurex, a tactile pressure-indicating sensor film that helps manufa…

  • Light-Stable Colored Transparent Composite Films

    June 12, 2007
    A transparent film that exhibits a predetermined finished color tone has been issued a patent. The film comprises a color-deficient, dyed, polymer film layer that exhibits a color deficiency in at least one of hue, chroma and value as compared to the…

  • The Great Shake-up

    The Great Shake-up

    Ellen Wuagneux, Associate Editor || June 7, 2007
    recent M&A activity has stirred up challenges

  • Tredegar Film Products

    May 23, 2007
    Tredegar Film Products (TFP), Richmond, VA, a subsidiary of Tredegar Corporation, has named Stefano Lupi general manager of its personal care business unit. As general manager, he will be responsible for TFP’s global personal care business prod…

  • Film Element

    May 1, 2007
    A film element in the form of a hanger label was granted a patent. It has a hanging strap that is delimited by a punched area and can be pivoted out of or pulled away from a remaining surface of the hanger label. The hanging strap absorbs tensile for…

  • Peelable polyester film with self-venting, process for its production and its use

    May 1, 2007
    Patented is a coextruded, biaxially oriented polyester film with a base layer and a coextruded, uncoated heatsealable outer layer that can be peeled from APET/CPET and from CPET. The outer layer comprises a) from 80 to 98% by weight of polyester and…

  • Antistatic Laminated Polyester Film

    May 1, 2007
    Patented is an antistatic film comprising a polyester film and an antistatic coating film on at least one surface of the polyester film. The antistatic coating film features a polymer with a polymerized unit represented by the following formula (1):…

  • Disposable Wearing Article

    May 1, 2007
    Patented is a disposable wearing article that comprises a liquid-pervious topsheet facing a wearer’s body. A liquid-impervious backsheet is adapted to face a wearer’s body. A liquid-absorbent panel is interposed between the top- and backsheets an…

  • Sheeter Design

    April 12, 2007
    Manufacturers of coated film plastic can now sheet the product at higher speeds than conventional drop shear equipment while ensuring the square, accurate dimensions required by the printing industry using a sheet designed by Maxson Automatic Machine…

  • Wipes Packaging

    April 12, 2007
    Following its major expansion last year, American FlexPack is rolling out new leading-edge pouch-packaged products.  Everything from lotions, makeup and nail polish remover, to sun tanning and antibacterial hand cleansers is packaged by American…

  • Thermoplastics

    April 12, 2007
    Deerfield Urethane, Inc. is expanding its high-performance Dureflex line of thermoplastic and specialty elastomer film and sheet, introducing three versatile, new grades: X2140 High Slip / No Bloom / Low Gloss, X2133 Highly Elastic / Highly Recoverab…

  • Strong & Steady

    Strong & Steady

    Ellen Wuagneux, Associate Editor || April 12, 2007
    roofing and construction markets see solid growth and promise potential for future expansion

  • Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Film For The Surface Protection Of Semiconductor Wafers And Method For Protection Of Semiconductor Wafers With The Film

    April 10, 2007
    A surface protecting adhesive film for a semiconductor wafer has been patented. A base film has at least one layer of a synthetic resin where the base film has a storage elastic modulus (E’) at 25°C of from 1x108 to 1x1010 Pa and where the base fi…

  • Propylene-based Retortable Sealant Compositions And Applications

    April 10, 2007
    A pouch comprising a multilayer film with at least one sealant layer has been issued a patent. The sealant layer comprises at least a copolymer of propylene and olefins. The copolymer has a melting point less than 155°C when measured according to AS…

  • Coating Film Tape End Structure

    April 10, 2007
    Patented is a coating film end tape structure with a core and end tape with opposite first and second ends. A first single-sided adhesive tape is adhered to the core, overlapping the end tape at a location adjacent the first end of the end tape and c…

  • Contractor Roll Winder

    March 15, 2007
    Parkinson’s new Contractor Roll Winder is designed to produce finished rolls in line with the process or off-line from jumbo rolls. With the Contractor Roll Winder, the customer can generate finished rolls on contractor size cores ranging from…

  • Shaft

    March 15, 2007
    Goldenrod Corporation has introduced its new 1260-LF Ultralight Aluminum Multiple Bladder three-inch Leaf Shaft (patent pending). The model was developed under critical ergonomic guidelines and at less than 0.24 lbs per inch of assembled body, is rep…

  • Cast Extrusion Lines

    March 15, 2007
    Unicast is a series of Colines cast extrusion lines which allows to produce with the same line both stretch film and CPP of high quality. The possibility of diversifying the production campaigns makes this the ideal line for all the small and medium…

  • Nonwoven Media Report Available

    March 14, 2007
    According to a new and updated technical market research report, The Market for Nonwoven Filter Materials, from BCC RESEARCH (, the North American market for nonwoven filter media was worth $588 million in 2005 and will be $617 mi…

  • Making Moves In The AI Market

    Making Moves In The AI Market

    Karen McIntyre, Editor || March 12, 2007
    strong growth prospects have led to M&A activity in North America

  • Oriented Polypropylene Films For Adhesive Tape

    March 6, 2007
    Patented is an adhesive tape comprising a backing and a layer of adhesive on the backing. The backing has an energy to sever of up to 350 N-cm/cm2 when severed according to The Dispense Test—Metal Blade and has an approximate tensile elongation to…

  • Absorbent Article Formed With Microlayered Films

    February 20, 2007
    An absorbent article has been granted a patent. The article comprises a unitary system of microlayered film constructed and arranged for performing multiple functions. The system has at least one first microlayer film region with a liquid intake func…

  • Composite Base Material And Adhesive Film

    February 20, 2007
    An adhesive film characterized by a film-like composite base material was patented. The film has at least a first resin film with a breaking elongation in the lengthwise direction of 300 to 1500% and a breaking strength of at least 2 kg/12 mm. The fi…

  • Absorbent Barrier Structures Having A High Convective Air Flow Rate And Articles Made Therefrom

    February 20, 2007
    An absorbent article was granted a patent. It includes a topsheet, an outer cover and an absorbent core between the topsheet and the outer cover. An absorbent barrier structure is located between the absorbent core and the outer cover. The absorbent…

  • Silicone Emulsion

    February 14, 2007
    Wacker Group has developed a one-component silicone-based softener emulsion for finishing fiberfill. Advalon FF 220 achieves marked benefited in the finishing of fiberfill, enabling polyester fiber to be treated at significantly lower temperatures th…

  • Sensoring Absorbing Article

    February 13, 2007
    An absorbent structure was issued a patent. The structure features at least one absorbent layer and at least one sensing device comprising a magnetoelastic film.…

  • Absorptive Product Having Removable Absorbers

    February 13, 2007
    An absorptive product having a front region, a rear region and a crotch region was patented recently. The article forms a waist opening and a pair of leg openings with a backsheet made of a liquid impermeable sheet. Absorbers are located on the inter…

  • Polyolefin Compositions

    February 13, 2007
    An article comprising a fiber or film substrate was patented. The article is comprised of a blend of polyolefin and an acrylic/polyether comb-branched copolymer. The polyolefin is present in an amount of at least 70% by weight based on the total weig…

  • Biaxially Oriented Polylactic Acid-Based Resin Films

    February 13, 2007
    A biaxially oriented film was recently patented. The film includes a polylactic acid resin, which has a storage modulus E? at 80° C in at least one of a longitudinal direction (MD direction) and a width direction (TD direction) of the film, of from…

  • Riding The Wave

    Riding The Wave

    Ellen Wuagneux, Associate Editor || February 12, 2007
    to stay afloat, producers of spunmelt nonwovens must balance high raw material costs, tough competition and overcapacity issues

  • Food Pads: A Great Market For Airlaid

    Food Pads: A Great Market For Airlaid

    Karen McIntyre, Editor || February 12, 2007
    absorbency requirements open up opportunities in food packaging

  • JM Launches Seal-It

    February 8, 2007
    Johns Manville has launched a new line of housewrap tape and flashings called Seal-It, which is specifically formulated to adhere to Gorilla Wrap, JM’s housewrap. Seal-It enhances the building envelope by tightly sealing housewrap seams and win…

  • Thermoplastic Resin Film And Process For Producing The Same

    January 23, 2007
    A heat-shrinkable resin film for a label was issued a patent. The film consists of a monolayer polyester resin film or a polystyrene resin film. The film has a heat shrinkage in the maximum shrinkage direction of 40% or higher, when a 10 cm x 10 cm s…

  • Multiple Layer Absorbent Article

    January 23, 2007
    Patented is an absorbent article with a fluid permeable coverstock configured to engage a body surface and defining longitudinal sides. The coverstock includes a bicomponent fiber with a polypropylene inner core and a polyethylene outer sheath. An ab…

  • Polyamide

    January 17, 2007
    Stanyl, a high-heat polyamide 46 (PA46) resin from DSM Engineering Plastics, is adding a new market segment, fiber and film, to its existing portfolio of injection molded, high-tech and high-heat engineered applications. As with injection molded desi…