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  • Bonar


    January 1, 2009
    (formerly Colbond) Location: ARNHEM, THE NETHERLANDS Sales: $195 Million Description: Key Personnel Jan van Boldrik, CEO; Bart Austin, president Colbond Inc.; Harry Verbakel, director sales and marketing floor coverings; Blair Rawes, directo…

  • Propex Fabrics

    Propex Fabrics

    January 1, 2009
    Location: CHATTANOOGA, GA Sales: $175 Million Description: Key Personnel Stan Brant, president and CEO, Martin de Vries, president and chief financial officer Plants Ringgold, GA Process Needlepunch Major Markets Geosynthetics, flooring, furni…

  • Fibertex


    January 1, 2009
    Location: AALBORG, DENMARK Sales: $295 Million Description: Key Personnel Mikael Staal Axelsen, CEO, Fibertex Personal Care; Jorgen Bech Madsen, CEO, Fibertex Industrial Nonwovens; Ole Houmann, CFO; Kenneth Mynster Dolmer, purchasing director Pl…

  • Hollingsworth & Vose

    Hollingsworth & Vose

    January 1, 2009
    Location: WALPOLE, MA Sales: $240 Million Description: Key Personnel Val Hollingsworth, president and CEO; David von Loesecke, vice president and general manager, engine and industrial filtration; Mike Clark, vice president and general manager, h…

  • Johns Manville

    Johns Manville

    January 1, 2009
    Location: DENVER, CO Sales: $670 Million Description: Key Personnel Bob Wamboldt, vice president & general manager, Engineered Products North America (EPNA) Enno Henze, vice president & general manager, Engineered Products Europe/Asia (EP…

  • Fiberweb


    January 1, 2009
    Location: LONDON, U.K. Sales: $947 Million Description: Key Personnel Daniel Dayan, CEO; Dan Abrams, CFO; Ian Barnes, president, Consumer Fabrics; Derek Chan, president Asia/Pacific: John Juric, president, Americas Industrial division; Paul Glove…

  • PGI


    January 1, 2009
    Location: CHARLOTTE, NC Sales: $1.15 billion Description: Key Personnel Veronica Hagen, chief executive officer; Robert Kocourek, chief financial officer; Mike Hale, chief operating officer; Bob Dale, vice president of research and development; J…

  • Ahlstrom


    January 1, 2009
    Location: HELSINKI, FINLAND Sales: $1.3 billion Description: ∫Key Personnel Jan Lang, president and CEO; Risto Anttonen, deputy of the president and CEO, senior vice president, Advanced Nonwovens (interim); Jean-Marie Becker, senior vice presi…

  • Kimberly-Clark


    January 1, 2009
    Location: DALLAS, TX Sales: $1.3 Billion Description: Key Personnel Thomas Falk, chairman and CEO; Jan Spencer, Professional & Other; Richard Thorne, vice president, Professional North America; Stephanie Rossignol, director, Professional Wipe…

  • DuPont


    January 1, 2009
    Location: WILMINGTON, DE Sales: $1.4 Billion Description: Key Personnel Thomas Powell, vice president and general manager of DuPont Protection Technologies; Nigel Budden, global market leader, DuPont Protection Technologies; Roger K. Siemionko, g…

  • Freudenberg


    January 1, 2009
    Location: WEINHEIM, GERMANY Sales: $1.45 billion Description: Key Personnel Management board: Bruce Olson, president and CEO; Rene Wollerg, CFO; Thomas Reibelt, CTO. Worldwide Divisions: Heino Freudenberg, managing director interlinings; Jörg…

  • Nonwovens Down Under

    December 22, 2008
    United Bonded Fabrics (UBF) is an Australian company that can trace parts of its business back to the 1870s when the David Galt Company started manufacturing a range of felted textiles made from natural fibers in Melbourne, Australia.

  • NTI, AGR Reach Licensing Deal

    December 16, 2008
    Technology boasts 20% more throughputs per commercial orifice size.

  • Avgol Strikes Partnership in Nanofibers

    December 16, 2008
    Spunmelt maker to create pilot line using Elmarco technology.

  • The Year That Was

    Karen McIntyre, Editor || December 11, 2008
    despite economic crises, raw material pricing and consolidation, the nonwovens industry continue to invest in the future.

  • Many Shapes And Forms

    Karen McIntyre, Editor || December 11, 2008
    no matter how you define it, composite technology is allowing nonwovens to penetrate new markets.

  • Sitting Pretty

    Ellen Wuagneux, Associate Editor || December 11, 2008
    hygiene component suppliers prepare for pricing let-up

  • H&V Promotes Nanoweb Technology

    December 10, 2008
    Nanofibers target air and liquid filtration and performance barrier uses.

  • NTI, AGR Reach Licensing Deal

    December 10, 2008
    Technology boasts 20% more throughputs per commercial orifice size.

  • Kem-Wove Makes Filtration Show Debut

    December 10, 2008
    First-time exhibitor promotes highloft media and laminated products.

  • Fibertex Names Joint CEOs

    December 8, 2008
    Appointments reaffirm dual management structure.

  • Equity Firm Aquires Fibers Arm of Leggett & Platt

    November 25, 2008
    Polyester Fibers has more than 450 employees and revenues of $100 million.

  • Fibertex Reorganization Plan Completed

    November 25, 2008
    New lines, better pricing cornerstone of efforts.

  • NTI, AGR Reach Licensing Deal

    November 25, 2008
    AGR gains access to NTI nano meltblown technology.

  • Mixed Polymer Superabsorbent Fibers

    November 25, 2008
    A mixed polymer composite fiber has been granted a patent. It features a carboxyalkyl cellulose and a galactomannan polymer or a glucomannan polymer and a plurality of non-permanent intra-fiber metal crosslinks.…

  • Convoluted Fiber Pad

    November 18, 2008
    A fiber pad comprising a nonwoven fiber batt having a first surface and a second surface has been patented. The first surface has a generally flat shape and the second surface has a convoluted shape. The fiber pad has longitudinal, lateral and traver…

  • Heat Shrinkable Insulated Packaging Material

    November 18, 2008
    An insulating label stock was patented. It comprises a thermal insulating layer with a thermal resistance in the range of 0.05 to 0.5 CLO (0.0077 to 0.077 m2·K/W) and a first surface. A heat shrinkable face material is laminated directly to the firs…

  • Lenzing Sales Climb

    November 11, 2008
    Consolidated sales rose 10% to 1 billion.

  • What's Next In The Nanotechnology Wave?

    Seshadri Ramkumar and Arvind Purushothaman, Nonwovens Staff || November 10, 2008
    Imagine a solider wearing five pounds of chemical protection suit and 25 pounds of anti-ballistic SWAT suit. Although these suits provide the necessary protection to the wearer, weight and lack of comfort are important issues that are critical for t…

  • Coming Clean

    Ellen Wuagneux, Associate Editor || November 10, 2008
    can nonwoven filters answer the call for better air & water quality?

  • Layered Filter Structure Comprising Short Metal Fibers

    November 4, 2008
    Patented is a layered filter structure. A first layer comprises a porous metal layer with a nonwoven metal fiber fleece comprising long metal fibers. A second layer consists of a self-supporting layer of sintered short metal fibers. The first layer a…

  • Kenaf-Fiber-Reinforced Resin Composition

    November 4, 2008
    A kenaf fiber-reinforced resin composition was granted a patent. The biodegradable resin composition contains a kenaf fiber in an amount of 10-50% by mass based on the mass of the fiber-reinforced resin composition. A moisture content of the kenaf fi…

  • Polypropylene Fiber For Reinforcement Of Matrix Materials

    November 4, 2008
    Patented is a composite material comprising a matrix material and a plurality of discrete polymeric fibers defining a length of less than about five inches dispersed throughout the matrix material. The polymeric component of the fibers is selected fr…

  • Low Odor, Light Color, Disposable Article Construction Adhesive

    November 4, 2008
    Patented is a disposable diaper comprising a polyolefin film layer bonded to a synthetic nonwoven layer using a low odor hot melt construction adhesive. The adhesive penetrates the fiber of the nonwoven layer to embed the fiber in the adhesive. The c…

  • Molded Product of Fiber Reinforced Composite Material and Method

    November 4, 2008
    Patented is a molded product of fiber reinforced composite material plate including holding parts defining a triangular area on a surface of the fiber reinforced composite material plate. It comprises a flat portion and a shaping portion that is mold…

  • Ahlstrom Sees Strong Organic Growth

    October 29, 2008
    Net sales climb 1.4% to 451 million from 445 million.

  • P&G Honors Suppliers

    October 27, 2008
    Pegas, Fibertex among those recognized.

  • Tefisa Owner Buys Fiberduck

    October 24, 2008
    Both companies compete in industrial and technical markets.

  • DuPont Bolsters Safety and Protection Business

    October 21, 2008
    Acquisition of training program provider complements existing assets.

  • RadiciSpandex Launches Brand Concept

    October 21, 2008
    Spandex products now grouped under RadElast name.

  • What's Next for Airlaid?

    Karen Bitz McIntyre || October 15, 2008
    When I took over the post of editor of Nonwovens Industry nearly eight years ago, the airlaid market was one of the most buzzed-about topics out there. Concert had announced plans to add two side-by-side airlaid lines in Quebec. Its key North America…

  • Airlaid: All The Way Back

    Philip Mango, Nonwovens Staff || October 15, 2008
    Recovery Complete... What's Next?

  • Up to Snuff?

    Ellen Wuagneux, Associate Editor || October 15, 2008
    increased performance capabilities boost industrial wiper growth

  • Five Finalists Named for Visionary Awards

    October 15, 2008
    Conference attendees to choose winner in New Orleans.

  • Backing Into The Manufacture Of Nonwovens

    September 25, 2008
    Jim and Evelyn Chumbley founded The Warm Company in the late 1970s during California’s energy crisis.

  • DAK America to Up Polyester Supply

    September 18, 2008
    Action responds to capacity reduction in North America.

  • Freudenberg To Close Staple Production in Durham

    September 18, 2008
    Spunlaid operation to remain at site.

  • Pourdeyhimi Honored at INTC

    September 10, 2008
    He received the TAPPI Technical Award and Mark Hollingsworth Prize.

  • Awards Presented at INTC

    September 10, 2008
    Lifetime awards honor well known industry veterans.

  • Keynote Luncheon Held Tuesday

    September 10, 2008
    Karen Jones covered Pricing Dynamics of Raw Materials and Protection Strategies.