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  • Composite | Fibers | Flame Retardance

    Teijin Aramid, Macro Industries develops FR freight containers

    Twaron fibers meets safety standards in aviation

  • Composite | Fibers

    TFP nonwovens in space

    Technical Fibre Products Ltd today announced that their nonwovens are present on the recently launched European Space Agency (ESA) satellite GAIA. Technical Fibre Products has supplied the material through RUAG Space GmbH, a provider of thermal insu…

  • Composite

    Pull-On Wearable Article With Informational Image

    Patented recently is a pull-on wearable article comprising: a main portion including an outer cover, the main portion defining a front waist region, a rear waist region, and a crotch region extending between and connecting the front and rear waist re…

  • Composite

    Disposable Articles Using High Column AUL Superabsorbents

    Patented recently is an invention which relates to an absorbent composite for an absorbent article, and more particularly to an absorbent composite comprising fibrous material and superabsorbent material having a Column Absorbency Under Load (CAUL) a…

  • Composite

    TenCate Names Global Group Directors

    The Executive Board of Royal Ten Cate (TenCate) has appointed Dave Clarke as new Global Group Director TenCate Advanced Composites, effective January 1, 2011.The executive board of Royal Ten Cate has appointed Wally Moore, former group director of Te…

  • Composite

    Technology Solutions For Soft Goods

    Lectra, a provider of integrated technology solutions dedicated to the soft goods industries has a complete and integrated suite of solutions dedicated to the manufacturing of composite components for multiple industries These solutions include D…