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  • Absorbent Article With Improved Liquid Acquisition Capacity

    January 18, 2005
    Patented is an absorbent article comprising a transverse direction and a longitudinal direction, two end edges extending in the transverse direction, two side edges extending in the longitudinal direction, edge portions comprising two end edge porti…

  • Absorbent Article with Improved Liquid Acquisition Capacity

    January 18, 2005
    An absorbent article comprising a transverse direction and a longitudinal direction, two end edges extending in the transverse direction, two side edges extending in the longitudinal direction, edge portions comprising two end edge portions located a…

  • JM Responds to Roofing Demands

    January 11, 2005
    Johns Manville will build a new polyester spunbond production line in Bobingen, Germany. The line, which represents an investment of more than E30 million for the Berkshire Hathaway company, is part of a strategic plan to meet the rising demand for r…

  • DuPont Ups Stake In Elastomers Venture

    January 11, 2005
    DuPont will purchase The Dow Chemical Company's remaining equity interest in the companies' joint venture DuPont Dow Elastomers (DDE) for $87 million once Dow exercises an option to acquire certain assets of the company. The assets will primarily rel…

  • Freudenberg Politex Enters Russia

    January 11, 2005
    The Freudenberg Politex Group is establishing a nonwovens production facility in Russia's Nizhniy Novgorod region. The newly formed subsidiary Freudenberg Politex OOO, founded in September 2004, will begin renovating a recently purchased building to…

  • Rohm and Haas Opens New Legal Entity in Turkey

    January 11, 2005
    Rohm and Haas Company opened a new legal entity in Gebze/Turkey, located 50 km east of Istanbul, in early January. Named, Rohm and Haas Kimyasal Ürünler Dagitim ve Ticaret A.S., the entity will be a marketing and sales office serving the te…

  • Filtration Group Forms Alliance

    January 11, 2005
    Filtration Group has entered into an alliance with Mikropor, a Turkish filter manufacturing company.  The partnership will allow both companies to broaden their gas turbine product lines and expand their global presence.  Filtration Group a…

  • Fibers Having Improved Dullness And Products Containing The Same

    January 11, 2005
    A fiber made up of two or more lobes extending from a central core has been patented. The two or more lobes are equally spaced around an outer periphery of the central core. Each lobe has a substantially similar lobal cross-sectional configuration co…

  • Laminate And Process For Producing A Laminate Of This Type

    January 11, 2005
    Patented is a metal-plastic-metal laminate with a core layer containing a thermoplastic. The core layer is situated between two substantially parallel metal skins and is joined to them. The core layer includes a solvent and a hardener. The thermoplas…

  • Biocompatible Polymer Film

    January 11, 2005
    A method of coating a surface with a biocompatible co-polymer film has been granted a patent. The method includes the steps of covering the surface with a solution made of a film-forming polymer component and a hydrophobic polymer block component wit…

  • Multi-layer Feminine Hygienic Pad:

    January 11, 2005
    Patented is a multi-layer feminine hygiene pad including a laminate of two or more composite absorption sheets in which an upper composite absorption sheet that comprises an upper backing sheet is laminated to a back side. It is approximately the sam…

  • Tampon With Fluid Wicking Overwrap With Skirt Portion

    January 11, 2005
    A catamenial tampon has been issued a patent. A compressed absorbent member has an inner region, an exterior surface and is made up of absorbent material. The absorbent material has a first surface opposed to a second surface and an insertion end opp…

  • Disposable Worn Absorbent Article Including Stand-Up Cuffs

    January 11, 2005
    A disposable worn article has been patented. The article features an absorbent body including a core and a liquid impermeable backsheet and a cuff including a contact portion and a stand-up portion. The contact portion is connected to the stand-up po…

  • Disposable Absorbent Article Having Reinforced Ear Panels

    January 11, 2005
    An absorbent article was patented. It has a longitudinal centerline and a lateral centerline, an inner surface and a garment-facing surface. The absorbent article includes a containment assembly with a rear waist region, a crotch region, a front wais…

  • Responsive Film With Corrugated Microlayers Having Improved Properties

    January 10, 2005
    A drapable, wettable, multi-microlayer film comprising a plurality of coextruded microlayers was patented. The film includes at least a first corrugated microlayer of a polymer having a first recovery percentage and at least a second corrugated micro…

  • Multilayer, Biaxially Oriented Polyester Film, Process For Its Production And Its Use

    January 10, 2005
    Patented is a biaxially oriented polyester film with a base layer that is composed of at least 80% by weight of a thermoplastic polyester. The film has two outer layers A and C, wherein the outer layer A has high surface smoothness, Ra, ≤21 nm, and…

  • Absorbent Article And Process For The Directed Drainage Of Fluids Released In A Localized Manner

    January 10, 2005
    Patented is an absorbent article with a length and a width, front and rear areas and a central area between the front and rear areas. The absorbent article comprises a liquid-permeable layer, which, when the absorbent article is in use, is turned tow…

  • Biaxially Oriented, Laminated Polyester Film

    January 10, 2005
    A biaxially oriented, laminated polyethylene terephthalate film with at least two layers has been issued a patent. An irregularity in film thickness determined within 4 mm width at an arbitrary position in a transverse direction of the film is about…

  • Polyester Film For Release Film

    January 10, 2005
    Patented is a polyester release film with a maximum height of projection (Rmax) of one surface of not more than 500 nm. The film has a number of projections with a height of not less than 350 nm and not more than 200 per mm2. It has a thickness varia…

  • Multilayer Film Comprising An Amorphous Polymer

    January 10, 2005
    A multilayer film has been issued a patent. A first layer comprises an amorphous polymer that exhibits a glass transition temperature. A second layer forms an exterior layer of the multilayer film and comprises a sealant material capable of forming…

  • Composite Laminate And Method For Manufacturing The Same

    January 10, 2005
    A composite laminate with two main external face layers and a plurality of internal layers between them was patented. At least two first sheet layers each comprises a first particulate aggregate and at least three-second sheet layers each comprises a…

  • Structures With Multiple Polymeric Layers

    January 3, 2005
    Patented is a multilayer polymer structure comprising a layer with at least one fluorohydrocarbon polymer linked to a layer comprising at least one olefin polymer via a layer comprising from 97% to 10% by weight of at least one grafted olefin polymer…

  • Biaxially Stretched Polyester Film For Forming Container And Method Of Producing The Film

    January 3, 2005
    A biaxially stretched polyester film for forming a container was issued a patent. The film is characterized by being formed of a polyester consisting of an ethylene terephthalate unit and an ethylene naphthalate unit. The refractive index in the dire…

  • Pantyliner For Women, In Particular For Pregnant Women

    January 3, 2005
    Patented is a panty liner, in particular for pregnant women, with a liquid-impermeable lower layer and a liquid-permeable covering layer. A test insert provided with a test substance is arranged between the lower layer and the covering layer. The low…

  • Coatings On Fiber Reinforced Composites

    January 3, 2005
    Patented is a fiber reinforced composite material comprising a fiber reinforced polymer substrate and a first polymeric layer coating for joining two different polymeric composites. The first polymeric layer is free of fibers and particulate. A secon…

  • Polyester Type Conjugate Fiber Package

    January 3, 2005
    Patented is a polyester pre-oriented conjugate fiber of either a side-by-side or an eccentric sheath/core configuration in which two kinds of polyester components are adhered to each other to form a single filament. At least one of the components con…

  • Kuraray


    January 1, 2005
    Location: Osaka, Japan Sales: $71 million Description: Key Personnel Nobuaki Sumita, president, Kuraray Kuraflex Plants Okayama, Saijo and Ibaragi Processes Resin bonded, thermal bonded, spunlaced and meltblown Brand names Kuraf…

  • KNH Enterprises

    KNH Enterprises

    January 1, 2005
    Location: Taipei, Taiwan Sales: $65 Million Description: Key Personnel J.C. Tai, president and owner; Dr. Kirk Hwang, vice president corporate planning and international operations; George Wong, hygiene business director; Herman Tai, industria…

  • Lantor


    January 1, 2005
    Location: Veenendaal, The Netherlands Sales: $53 million Description: Key Personnel Nico Boot, managing director; Albert Feyts, finance director, Paul Verwoerd, sales and marketing director, Jan Sikkenga, production director ISO Status ISO…

  • Precision Custom Coatings

    Precision Custom Coatings

    January 1, 2005
    Location: Totowa, NJ Sales: $70 Million Description: Key Personnel Peter Longo, chairman and COO, Scott Tesser, president and CEO; Rich Noble, CFO and treasurer; Dan Kamat, vice president, Industrial Textile Division; Shaile Dusaj, director industr…

  • Unitika


    January 1, 2005
    Location: Osaka, Japan Sales: $85 Million Description: Key Personnel Masaru Tsugawa, general manager, spunbond fabrics division; Hiroshi Kawasaki, general manager, spunbond fabrics sales Plants Okazaki and Tarui, Japan Processes Spunbo…

  • Textilgruppe Hof

    Textilgruppe Hof

    January 1, 2005
    Location: Hof/Saale, Germany Sales: $91 million Description: Textilgruppe Hof AG Hof/Saale, Germany Tel: 49-9281-4980 E-mail: Web: Eswegee Vliesstoff GmbH A company of Textilgruppe Hof Fabrikzeile 21, 95208 Ho…

  • Royal Ten Cate (Polyfelt)

    Royal Ten Cate (Polyfelt)

    January 1, 2005
    Location: Linz, Austria Sales: $128 million Description: Key Personnel Michel Haudrechy, CEO; Andreas Matje, CFO; Wolfgang Aue, group marketing manager; Roland Konrad, group sales manager; Philippe Delmas, group research and development man…

  • Fitesa


    January 1, 2005
    Location: Gravatai, Brazil Sales: $37 million Description: Plant Locations Gravataí, Rio Grande do Sul state, and Horizonte, Ceará state, Brazil Key Personnel Silvério Baranzano, director; Daniel Svirski, sales and marketin…

  • Suominen


    January 1, 2005
    Location: Nakkila, Finland Sales: $93.5 Million Description: Key Personnel Suominen Corporation: Heikki Bergholm, president and CEO, Esa Palttala, executive vice president, Wipes and Nonwovens; Juha Henttonen, vice president, Flexible Packaging;…

  • Foss Manufacturing

    Foss Manufacturing

    January 1, 2005
    Location: Hampton, NH Sales: $157 million Description: Key Personnel Stephen Foss, president and CEO, David Rowell, executive vice president and COO, (New CFO to be named shortly.) Plants Hampton, NH; Pulversheim, France ISO Status All…

  • Toray Advanced Materials

    Toray Advanced Materials

    January 1, 2005
    Location: Seoul, Korea Sales: $80 million Description: Plant Locations Gumi, Kyungsang-Bukdo, South Korea Key Personnel Y.K. Lee/President and CEO, Y.K. Kim, senior vice president; Shigeto Fukuda, senior vice president Processes Spunbond PP, PET…

  • Andrew Industries

    Andrew Industries

    January 1, 2005
    Location: Manchester, U.K. Sales: $89 million Description: Plants South Carolina, Missouri, China, U.K. Processes Needlepunch, thermal bonded Brand names Southern Felt, Slater Felt, Bondex, Andres, Webron Marling Major Markets Filtration Ma…

  • Lydall Inc

    Lydall Inc

    January 1, 2005
    Location: Manchester , CT Sales: $126 million Description: Key Personnel W. Leslie Duffy, chairman of the board, David Freeman, president and CEO; Christopher Skomorowski, executive vice president and COO; Thomas Smith, vice president, chief fin…

  • Mitsui Chemical

    Mitsui Chemical

    January 1, 2005
    Location: Tokyo, Japan Sales: $127 Million Description: Key Personnel Toshimi Hachimori, general manager, functional fabricated products division Plants Yokkaichi and Iwakuni Processes Spunbonded, needlepunched, meltblown, thermal bonded Brand N…

  • Toyobo


    January 1, 2005
    Location: Osaka, Japan Sales: $145 million Description: Key Personnel Kazumasa Kayama, general manager, spunbond division of Toyobo; Yukio Kawasaki, president of Kureha Plants Tsuruga, Iwakuni and Shiga Processes Spunbond, needlepunch, resin b…

  • Georgia-Pacific


    January 1, 2005
    Location: Atlanta, GA Sales: $139 Million Description: Key Personnel   Mike Burandt, president, consumer business, North America; Bill Shultz, president, European consumer business; Paul Farren, vice president & general manager Nonwoven…

  • Jacob Holm

    Jacob Holm

    January 1, 2005
    Location: Allschwil, Switzerland Sales: $91 million Description: Key personnel Poul Mikkelsen, chairman; Peter Stoffel, CEO; Jack Richardson, COO; Ingo Johannsen, CFO; Michael Norboge, vice president of Personal & Home Care; Claudia De Buman, v…

  • Pegas A/S

    Pegas A/S

    January 1, 2005
    Location: Znojmo, Czech Republic Sales: $93 million Description: Key Personnel Milos Bogdan, managing director, Frantisek Klaska, technical director; Frantisek Rezac, commercial director Plants Znojmo, Bucovice, Czech Republic ISO Status ISO-9…

  • Asahi Kasei

    Asahi Kasei

    January 1, 2005
    Location: Tokyo, Japan Sales: $176 million Description: Key Personnel Yoshikazu Ban, general manager, nonwoven fabrics division; Ryujiro Yoshino, general manager, spunbonded fabric sales; Akira Naganami, general manager, Bemliese/Coldon sales Plan…

  • Sandler


    January 1, 2005
    Location: Schwarzenbach/Saale, Germany Sales: $162 million Description: Key Personnel Dipl. Kfm. Christian Heinrich Sandler, Dr. Christian Heinrich Sandler, Dieter Magiera, members of the management Board Plant Schwarzenbach/Saale, Germany ISO St…

  • British Vita

    British Vita

    January 1, 2005
    Location: Manchester, U.K. Sales: $170 million Description: Key Personnel David Cottrell, non-executive chairman; D.A. Campbell, CEO; J.J. Van Beijeren, director responsible for nonwovens Plants Belgium, France, Sweden, U.K., U.S. IS…

  • Japan Vilene

    Japan Vilene

    January 1, 2005
    Location: Tokyo, Japan Sales: $197 million Description: Key Personnel Yutaka Tanaka, president; Kazunori Imamura, managing director; Yoshiaki Mizutani, director; Mitsuo Kanno, managing director Plants Shiga and Tokyo, Japan Processes Resin bon…

  • Bonar


    January 1, 2005
    (formerly Colbond) Location: Arnhem, The Netherlands Sales: $265 million Description: Colbond Inc. Enka, NC Key Personnel Jan van Boldrik, CEO; Axel Poscher, vice president; Bart Austin, president Colbond Inc.; Randy Cook, director sales and ma…

  • Propex Fabrics

    Propex Fabrics

    January 1, 2005
    Location: Austell, GA Sales: $82 million Description: Key Personnel Donald Mercer, CEO; Jim Bryja, vice president, sales and marketing; Edmund Merchlinsky, vice president, business management; Rush Clark, vice president, supply chain; Tom Lahey,…