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  • Waist Belt For Supporting Disposable Absorbent Assemblies And Absorbent Articles Comprising The Same

    May 1, 2007
    A waist belt for supporting a disposable absorbent assembly has been granted a patent. The belt has a longitudinal centerline, a transverse centerline, a wearer-facing surface, an opposing surface, two end edges opposite the transverse centerline and…

  • Peelable polyester film with self-venting, process for its production and its use

    May 1, 2007
    Patented is a coextruded, biaxially oriented polyester film with a base layer and a coextruded, uncoated heatsealable outer layer that can be peeled from APET/CPET and from CPET. The outer layer comprises a) from 80 to 98% by weight of polyester and…

  • Antistatic Laminated Polyester Film

    May 1, 2007
    Patented is an antistatic film comprising a polyester film and an antistatic coating film on at least one surface of the polyester film. The antistatic coating film features a polymer with a polymerized unit represented by the following formula (1):…

  • Thermal Transfer Protective Sheets, Prints, As Well As Prints With Window Members

    May 1, 2007
    A thermal transfer protective sheet was recently patented. It includes a base material, a release layer provided on the base material and a topcoat layer provided on the release layer. It is designed so that when the surface of the topcoat layer on t…

  • Lead Acid Battery Separator With Improved Electrical And Mechanical Properties

    May 1, 2007
    Patented is an oxidation-resistant, microporous polyolefin web with high-strength mechanical and low electrical resistance properties. The web features a solid matrix including an ultrahigh molecular weight polyolefin component and a friable, highly…

  • Disposable Wearing Article

    May 1, 2007
    Patented is a disposable wearing article that comprises a liquid-pervious topsheet facing a wearer’s body. A liquid-impervious backsheet is adapted to face a wearer’s body. A liquid-absorbent panel is interposed between the top- and backsheets an…

  • JM Expands Micro-Aire Filtration Capacity

    April 30, 2007
    Wertheim expansion to be complete in September.

  • Ginni's Spunlace Line Comes Onstream

    April 30, 2007
    Rieter technology called first of its kind in India.

  • DuPont Hybrid Membrane Technology Attracts Attention

    April 30, 2007
    New DuPont Technology Introduced At IDEA07

  • Carolina Nonwovens To Start Production Next Month

    April 27, 2007
    Company Makes Debut at IDEA07

  • Hof Expands Into Spunlaced

    April 27, 2007
    New line came up in January.

  • DuPont Wins Two IDEA Achievement Awards

    April 24, 2007
    Awards presented at IDEA07.

  • Fitesa Makes Line Announcement

    April 24, 2007
    Brazilian nonwovens producer Fitesa announced at IDEA 2007 it would install a second Reicofil 4 line. The 4.2 meter line will be able to produce 15,000 metric tons of spunmelt nonwovens and will come onstream during the second half of next year. Acco…

  • Avgol Nonwovens Announces Fourth U.S. Line

    April 23, 2007
    Plans are underway at Israeli roll goods producer Avgol to expand its Mocksville, NC manufacturing facility by adding 15,000 metric tons of Reicofil spunmelt capacity. Scheduled for start-up during the second quarter of 2008, the company’s seco…

  • Americo Expands In Airlaid

    April 20, 2007
    Americo was founded in Atlanta, GA in 1969. The company, formerly known as American Manufacturing Company, changed its name to Americo shortly after the move to its current facility in Acworth, GA in 1981.

  • Glatfelter Composite Fibers Pools Its Expertise in Europe

    April 19, 2007
    As part of the U.S.-based Glatfelter Company, two long-established players in the European paper industry, Schoeller & Hoesch and Lydney (formerly JR Crompton), are operating jointly as Glatfelter Composite Fibers effective of last month. “…

  • Study Reports Wipes Growth

    April 19, 2007
    Demand for wipes in the U.S. is forecast to increase 6.1% per year to $2.2 billion in 2011, propelled by a continual spate of new product introductions and further segmentation of the market. The number and variety of wipes on the market continue to…

  • Lenzing To Expand Into India

    April 18, 2007
    Lenzing will build a new viscose fiber production facility in India in cooperation with the Indian Modi Group. The new plant will initially be able to produce 80,000 tons of viscose fibers for textiles and nonwovens and will employ 700. It will be lo…

  • Web Handler

    April 12, 2007
    Martin Automatic Inc introduces the MDR (magnetic driven roller) system, an advanced solution for handling light webs at lower tension levels and higher operating speeds. The new MDR technology can be applied to both web transport systems and to Mart…

  • Sheeter Design

    April 12, 2007
    Manufacturers of coated film plastic can now sheet the product at higher speeds than conventional drop shear equipment while ensuring the square, accurate dimensions required by the printing industry using a sheet designed by Maxson Automatic Machine…

  • Silicone Coatings

    April 12, 2007
    Huntsman’s Textile Effects business segment has launched a new range of high-performance silicone coating products. Dicrylan® S, W and C polymers are designed for technical textiles and other high-performance applications, including buildin…

  • Emulsion Polymers

    April 12, 2007
    Dow Reichhold Specialty Latex has announced the naming of its novel technologies (patents pending) to produce emulsion polymers that offer a range of antimicrobial functionality. The company has selected PolySÇf Antimicrobial Polymers as the n…

  • Compact Disc

    April 12, 2007
    BST Pro Mark has made a available a free CD of practical ideas and useful ways to apply and use technology in converting plants to achieve maximum results and competitive advantages. Titled, “Using Technology to Gain Competitive Advantage,&rdqu…

  • Wipes Packaging

    April 12, 2007
    Following its major expansion last year, American FlexPack is rolling out new leading-edge pouch-packaged products.  Everything from lotions, makeup and nail polish remover, to sun tanning and antibacterial hand cleansers is packaged by American…

  • Thermoplastics

    April 12, 2007
    Deerfield Urethane, Inc. is expanding its high-performance Dureflex line of thermoplastic and specialty elastomer film and sheet, introducing three versatile, new grades: X2140 High Slip / No Bloom / Low Gloss, X2133 Highly Elastic / Highly Recoverab…

  • Ultrasonic Bonding

    April 12, 2007
    Sonobond Ultrasonics‘ultrasonic bonding technology is continuing to gain momentum in medical product manufacturing as medical professionals demand better infection control and as manufacturers become more aware of the advantages ultrasonic tech…

  • President of Boyd Converting Company

    April 12, 2007
    Stephen Boyd has taken over the position of president of Boyd Converting Company.  Mr. Boyd joined Boyd Converting as sales manager, specialty papers in 1999 and was promoted to vice president of sales in 2004. Bronly Boyd founded Boyd Convertin…

  • Branson Ultrasonics Corporation

    April 12, 2007
    Branson Ultrasonics Corporation recently announced the appointment of Ed Boone as president. In his new role, Mr. Boone will have responsibility for overseeing the worldwide operations of Branson Ultra­sonics Corporation, a manufacturer of plasti…

  • Global Sales Manager

    April 12, 2007
    Jeffrey Kane has been named global sales manager for pneumatic trim and scrap waste conveying system manufacturer Precision AirConvey Corporation. Former­ly vice president for a national industrial supply company where he was named account manage…

  • Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc.

    April 12, 2007
    Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc. has named Uwe Peregi new general manager following the relocation of Thomas Herrmann, who will take over as CEO sales and finances at Herrmann Ultrasonics in Germany. “My father, Walter Herrmann, founder of our family…

  • New Vice President of Performance Coatings (Noveon, Inc.)

    April 12, 2007
    Noveon, Inc. recently named Eric Schnur its new vice president, performance coatings. In his new role, Mr. Schnur will be responsible for leading business and growth activities related to the global performance coatings organization, including sales…

  • BASF has appointed a Distribution Manager

    April 12, 2007
    BASF has appointed Nancy Hoblack distribution manager for the functional polymers regional business unit in North America. In her new role, Ms. Hoblack is responsible for managing relationships with all distributors that work with the BASF functional…

  • Performance Fibers, Inc. has named Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

    April 12, 2007
    Polyester fiber specialist Performance Fibers, Inc. has named Torben Wetche vice president and chief financial officer. Mr. Wetche brings more than 23 years of financial experience to Performance Fibers, an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners. His…

  • Colbond has appointed a Global Director, Research and Development

    April 12, 2007
    Based in Arnhem, The Netherlands, Colbond has appointed Jan Mahy global director, research and development effective this month. Dr. Mahy, who brings with him 18 years of professional experience, was previously employed by Akzo Nobel, a former parent…

  • K-C Names New President of North Atlantic Family Care Biz

    April 12, 2007
    Personal care products giant Kimberly-Clark Corporation has brought Gordon Knapp on board as president of its North Atlantic Family Care business. In this role, Mr. Knapp will be responsible for identifying and pursuing strategic growth opportunities…

  • Protecting America

    Protecting America's Bravest

    Michael Ciampo, Lieutenant || April 12, 2007
    nonwovens technology used in bunker gear and personal protection equipment for firefighters

  • DOT Announces Long-Anticipated Trucking Program With Mexico

    April 12, 2007
    goal to facilitate movement of goods across U.S. border

  • K-C Names New President of North Atlantic Family Care Biz

    April 12, 2007
    Personal care products giant Kimberly-Clark Corporation has brought Gordon Knapp on board as president of its North Atlantic Family Care business. In this role, Mr. Knapp will be responsible for identifying and pursuing strategic growth opportunities…

  • Up In Flames

    Up In Flames

    Ellen Wuagneux, Associate Editor || April 12, 2007
    upgraded flame retardants bump up the performance of nonwovens in both residential and industrial end uses

  • Strong & Steady

    Strong & Steady

    Ellen Wuagneux, Associate Editor || April 12, 2007
    roofing and construction markets see solid growth and promise potential for future expansion

  • WNI Spins Off Cerex

    April 11, 2007
    Florida-based Cerex Advanced Fabrics, a supplier of high performance spunbond nylon nonwoven fabrics, has been acquired by management and an investor group led by Jon Vesely, a Chicago-based private equity investor.  Prior to the acquisition, Ce…

  • Coversheet For Impressing Pattern On Emblem

    April 10, 2007
    A coversheet for impressing a pattern on a thermoplastic surface of an emblem was recently patented. The item features a base sheet selected from the group consisting of paper, fabric and plastic and a non-thermoplastic heat application release coati…

  • Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Film For The Surface Protection Of Semiconductor Wafers And Method For Protection Of Semiconductor Wafers With The Film

    April 10, 2007
    A surface protecting adhesive film for a semiconductor wafer has been patented. A base film has at least one layer of a synthetic resin where the base film has a storage elastic modulus (E’) at 25°C of from 1x108 to 1x1010 Pa and where the base fi…

  • Absorbent Polymeric Composition

    April 10, 2007
    An absorbent-entrained polymeric structure with an outer layer and an interior region has been granted a patent. The structure comprises a thermoplastic material and at least one absorbent. The absorbent is entirely entrained within the thermoplastic…

  • Incontinence Diaper For Adults

    April 10, 2007
    A disposable incontinence diaper for adults has been patented. The diaper features a front area, a rear area and a center area between the front and rear areas. The center area comes to rest in a crotch region of the user. The diaper comprises first…

  • Propylene-based Retortable Sealant Compositions And Applications

    April 10, 2007
    A pouch comprising a multilayer film with at least one sealant layer has been issued a patent. The sealant layer comprises at least a copolymer of propylene and olefins. The copolymer has a melting point less than 155°C when measured according to AS…

  • Reinforced Composite Structure

    April 10, 2007
    A stiff reinforced composite structure with a core and first and second layers of fibrous material has been granted a patent. The first and second layers are bound to respective first and second opposed surfaces of the core and with respective exteri…

  • Coating Film Tape End Structure

    April 10, 2007
    Patented is a coating film end tape structure with a core and end tape with opposite first and second ends. A first single-sided adhesive tape is adhered to the core, overlapping the end tape at a location adjacent the first end of the end tape and c…

  • Fiberweb Americas Names Leader

    April 4, 2007
    Fiberweb will consolidate its two North American units into one unit, Fiberweb Americas, and has tapped Dave Rousse to serve as president of that unit. Mr. Rousse joined Fiberweb in late 2005 as president of Hygiene/Medical Americas.    &n…

  • K-C Names Three New Executives

    April 2, 2007
    Kimberly-Clark Corporation unveiled the structure for its new Global Marketing organization as part of its ongoing effort to extend its brand-building capabilities, accelerate growth and product innovation and improve the effectiveness of its marketi…