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By Ellen Wuagneux, Associate Editor
Published January 19, 2009
Considering the current economic environment, maybe equipment suppliers' description of today's hygiene market as evolutionary (rather than revolutionary) isn't so bad after all. Read More »
Published May 6, 2008
An interlabial pad for attaching between labia was patented. It comprises a water permeable surface side sheet facing a body side; either a water permeable or water impermeable back side sheet facing a garment side; a water permeable inner sheet pos… Read More »
Omet's new high-speed cutter can be applied as an upgrade unit to all existing Omet lines. This module can be applied to the existing lines without substantial modifications and is complementary to the production of napkins; it is therefore possible… Read More »
Published April 5, 2011
A disposable absorbent article worn about the lower torso of a wearer includes at least one pair of side panels connecting a first waist region to a second waist region forming a waist opening and a pair of leg openings. Each side panel includes a wa… Read More »
Published December 14, 2010
Patented recently is a method for maintaining and/or improving skin health in the area of a wearer covered by an absorbent article. The absorbent article includes a vapor permeable backsheet, a liquid pervious topsheet positioned in facing relation w… Read More »
Published March 23, 2010
A disposable absorbent article has been issued a patent. The article has a front waist edge, a back waist edge, a topsheet, a backsheet attached to at least a portion of the topsheet, and an absorbent core disposed there between. A waist member is at… Read More »
Published September 15, 2009
An absorbent article having a first external essentially liquid permeable surface layer that faces a user when the absorbent article is being worn received a patent. The article has a liquid impermeable backing layer and is located between the liquid… Read More »
Published November 4, 2008
A melt-blended radiation-curable material has been issued a patent. It comprises about 20-80 weight percent of a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which is a block copolymer with at least one hard block comprising vinylarenes and at least one soft block… Read More »
Published July 10, 2007
An absorbent article with an upper surface, a lower surface and a periphery has been issued a patent. The article comprises a topsheet with a bottom surface and a viewing surface positioned opposite the bottom surface. The viewing surface faces upwar… Read More »
Published May 24, 2005
A napkin package formed by wrapping a sanitary napkin in folded condition with a packaging sheet has been patented. The sanitary napkin must have longitudinally extending leakage preventing walls on both sides of a liquid absorbing portion. These lea… Read More »