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Published April 12, 2011
Argentinean textile maker will target hygiene uses. Read More »
Published April 10, 2011
Nexar Polymers for performance fabrics and C5 resin alternatives for adhesives take the spotlight. Read More »
Published April 10, 2011
Company showcases range of polyester fibers in solid, hollow and low melts, bico and polypropylene. Read More »
Published April 7, 2011
Leigh custom-blends QuietLeigh fibers to suit suppliers' production processes and components, typically floors, doors, speaker enclosures, closeout panels, and package trays.They can help customers meet automotive standards and OEM specifications… Read More »
By John Xuan, Yacheng Textile College, YCTEX IMP & EXP Co., LTD
Published April 7, 2011
Market is growing but continues to represent a small percentage of total production. Read More »
Published March 24, 2011
New Facility expected to produce 700,000 tons per year to help ZhanJiang Chenming Pulp and Paper Co. improve quality. Read More »
Published March 21, 2011
Cooperation will further development of cotton products globally. Read More »
Published March 16, 2011
Supply of paraxylene to global supply chain compromised. Read More »
Published February 22, 2011
UltraClean-AM is ideal for hygiene, medical nonwovens. Read More »
Published February 16, 2011
Following a green path is quickly becoming the cornerstone of nonwovens producers strategies for gaining a foothold in the market. Read More »
Published February 7, 2011
Consortium takes over polyester manufacturer. Read More »
Published February 1, 2011
Polypropylene fibers and devices that include a fatty acid monoglyceride added to the polypropylene as a melt additive are described in this recently issued patent. A hydrophilic enhancer material can be advantageously added to the polypropylene as a… Read More »
Published January 31, 2011
Wanji Group will add new line late this eyar. Read More »
Published January 18, 2011
Patented recently is a nonwoven fabric composed of ultra-fine continuous fibers having a mean fineness of not more than 0.5 dtex is prepared. The nonwoven fabric comprises a water-soluble thermoplastic resin in a proportion of not more than 5% by wei… Read More »
Published January 4, 2011
Patented recently are nonwoven fabrics and methods for making the same, wherein the fabrics comprise two or more propylene-based elastomers in combination with one or more propylene-based thermoplastic polymers. Specifically, the first propylene-base… Read More »
Published November 16, 2010
Subsidiary will initially sell polyester textured filament and flat yarn into Mexican market. Read More »
Published November 8, 2010
Basofil is an advanced technology melamine fiber. Read More »
Published October 18, 2010
Business unit will divert discarded carpet and plastic from landfills and turn it into fibers. Read More »
Published September 27, 2010
Production sites extended for Tencel and Lenzing Modal. Read More »
Published September 13, 2010
Increased capacity will double company's polyester production. Read More »
Published June 8, 2010
Fibers are manufactured with PCR Polymer. Read More »
By Sandra Levy, Associate Editor
Published June 2, 2010
Natural and synthetic fiber producers are on the same team when it comes to offering ecofriendly fibers for nonwovens Read More »
Published June 1, 2010
Paul Latten has been promoted to president of Consolidated Fibers' International and Technical Fibers division, a new effort that will initially aim to grow the company's sales in Latin America. Mr. Latten joined the company one year ago and brings… Read More »
Published June 1, 2010
Oasis Super Absorbent Fiber (Oasis SAF) manufacturer Technical Absorbents Ltd (TAL) enjoyed huge success recently at the 17th China International Tissue and Disposable Hygiene Products Exhibition (CIHPEC). The U.K.-based company travelled to Nanjing… Read More »
Published June 1, 2010
With the introduction of two additions to its SafeLeigh line of fire-retardant, recycled fibers, Leigh Fibers has extended those benefits to many more spinning and nonwoven applications. SafeLeigh Natural and SafeLeigh Premium are predominantly meta… Read More »
Published May 11, 2010
Initial focus will be Latin America. Read More »
Published May 3, 2010
SafeLeigh fibers ideal for bedding, filtration. Read More »
Published May 3, 2010
Cellulose fibers on dispaly. Read More »
Published April 28, 2010
Product features 100% recycled fiber Read More »
Published April 21, 2010
New fibers are made with recycled post-industrial materials. Read More »
Published March 25, 2010
Investment expected to create 40 new jobs. Read More »
Published January 21, 2010
Lenzing and Circle to grow the regenerated fiber business globally. Read More »
Published January 14, 2010 shows solutions for diverting waste from landfills. Read More »
Published November 17, 2009
Nonwovens Go Nuts for Nanofibers? rn rn rn by Karen Bitz McIntyre rn rn rnThey say good things come in small packages, and anyone who has worked with nanofibers in nonwovens is likely to agree. While these small denier fibers have been the recipi… Read More »
Published July 14, 2009
Synthetic staple fibers for an airlaid nonwoven fabric were granted a patent. The staple fibers have a fiber length of 0.1 to 45 mm and a cross-sectioned profile having 1 to 30 concavities each satisfying the requirement: D/L=0.1 to 0.5. D represents… Read More »
By Helena Engqvist
Published July 1, 2009
Fiber will continue to grow and evolve into new applications Read More »
Published July 1, 2009
Wolfgang Plasser has been appointed vice president Nonwoven Fibers by Lenzing Fibers. As former managing director of Lenzing Plastics, he will take over the nonwovens business unit by July 1. Robert Gregan, who had previously managed Nonwoven Fibers,… Read More »
By Ellen Wuagneux, Associate Editor
Published June 10, 2009
demands for sustainability, recyclability and conservation drive raw material markets Read More »
Published February 17, 2009
In combination, a shelf and a shelf liner have been issued a patent. The shelf liner is in the form of a single layer of sheet material defining a skid-resistant first major surface contacting the shelf and a decorative second major surface. The seco… Read More »
Published February 5, 2009
Abstracts requested; due February 27. Read More »
Published December 16, 2008
Spunmelt maker to create pilot line using Elmarco technology. Read More »
Published November 25, 2008
Polyester Fibers has more than 450 employees and revenues of $100 million. Read More »
Published November 25, 2008
A mixed polymer composite fiber has been granted a patent. It features a carboxyalkyl cellulose and a galactomannan polymer or a glucomannan polymer and a plurality of non-permanent intra-fiber metal crosslinks.… Read More »
Published November 4, 2008
Patented is a layered filter structure. A first layer comprises a porous metal layer with a nonwoven metal fiber fleece comprising long metal fibers. A second layer consists of a self-supporting layer of sintered short metal fibers. The first layer a… Read More »
Published June 18, 2008
new fiber types give nonwovens makers more options Read More »
Published May 6, 2008
A water-absorbent polymer composite comprising a water-absorbent polymer particle and two or more fibers has been patented. The polymer particle has a substantially spherical shape. At least one of two or more fibers is partially wrapped in the polym… Read More »
Published April 10, 2008
Nonwovens made with Viscose, Tencel honored for biodegradability. Read More »
Published December 4, 2007
Acquisition includes Invista's industrial filament and tire cord businesses. Read More »
Published July 26, 2007
Performance Fibers, one of the world's leading producers of polyester fibers and materials, has announced new products and investments in key areas to meet customer demands. The new products include spun-dyed high tenacity yarns for use in coated f… Read More »