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Sandra Levy
February 17, 2011
trade specialist outlines government plans to help manufacturing go green  Read More »
Sandra Levy
February 16, 2011
Strassner Shares Insight on How Nonwovens Can Become More Sustainable  Read More »
Seshadri Ramkumar
February 10, 2011
India takes Leadership:After a few years in discussion and decision making, the Indian government January 20 officially launched the Technological Mission on Technical Textiles (TMTT) in an event jointly organized by the Ministry of Textiles and the…  Read More »
Sandra Levy
February 3, 2011
Strassner Shares Insight on How Nonwovens Can Become More Sustainable  Read More »
Karen McIntyre
January 27, 2011
Diaper Share is Up Around the Globe  Read More »
Karen McIntyre
January 25, 2011
will only say that diaper innovations will come in 2011  Read More »
Karen McIntyre
January 19, 2011
Investment Matches Global Growth Patterns  Read More »
January 6, 2011
Names, Packaging Change; Product Stays the Same  Read More »
Sandra Levy, associate editor
October 12, 2010
If you think applications for nonwovens have already reached a plateau, think again. Nonwovens' newest role: getting rid of bed bugs. Bed bugs, which were considered eradicated about 50 years ago, are back with a vengeance. Almost daily there…  Read More »
Sandra Levy, associate editor
October 8, 2010
LAAMScience Inc, a four-year-old company based in Morrisville, NC, is unveiling Serqet, a light activated antibacterial and antiviral coating technology that can be applied to wovens, nonwovens, natural and synthetic fabrics and a variety of polymers…  Read More »
September 9, 2010
Executive Says Diaper Upgrade Will Be in 50 Countries by Year End  Read More »
Sandra Levy
September 2, 2010
Now That the Gulf Crisis is Resolved, Boom Makers Have To Deal With Increased Inventory and Lessened Demand  Read More »
Sandra Levy, associate editor
July 8, 2010
Success Reflects Importance of Wipes  Read More »
Karen McIntyre
June 17, 2010
Moeller tells analysts that he is pleased with the power of his company's pipeline  Read More »
Karen McIntyre
June 10, 2010
Japanese Hygiene Giant Partners With SCA To Launch Adult Diaper Pants in North America  Read More »