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Industrial Nonwovens Report
Tim Wright, editor
October 9, 2013
EPA’s “wiper rule” offers opportunity for nonwoven industrial wipes.  Read More »
Airlaid Nonwovens Report
Karen McIntyre, senior editor
October 9, 2013
As the world waits to see how the Buckeye/G-P merger plays out, many factors influence growth in the airlaid arena.  Read More »
Tabletop Nonwovens
Susan Stansbury, Contributing Writer
October 9, 2013
Delivering steady growth.  Read More »
Converting Round Up
Nonwovens Industry staff
October 9, 2013
Providers of finishing, packaging, slitting, winding and other services to the nonwovens industry develop new technologies that add up to new products.  Read More »
Chinese Nonwovens Investment Continues
Karen McIntyre, senior editor
October 9, 2013
Companies continue to announce new lines to follow growth in the hygiene market.   Read More »
Nonwoven Base Sheets Deliver Engineered Performance
Michele Neher, Business Development Manager, Kimberly-Clark Professional Partnership Products
September 26, 2013
Innovation in the wipes category continues to grow.  Read More »
“Don’t Baby Me”
Steve Callahan, President, Perimeter Brand Packaging
September 26, 2013
A Consumer Insights Study on Beauty Wipes Packaging  Read More »
North American Wipes Study
Karen McIntyre, Editor
September 26, 2013
Market to grow at 16% until 2017.  Read More »
Long-awaited EPA Wiper Rule Handed Down
Karen McIntyre, Editor
September 26, 2013
After decades of efforts, industrial wipes to be excluded from hazardous waste regulations.  Read More »
International Top Companies Report 2013
Karen Bitz-McIntyre, Contributing Editor
September 15, 2013
Expanding Our Scope  Read More »
Delighted exhibitors and a good mood at TechTextil 2013
Helena Engqvist, Engqvist Consulting
September 6, 2013
Numerous innovations underscored the willingness of exhibitors to invest and act as visitor magnets at TechTextil 2013 in Frankfurt from June 10-13.  Read More »
Machinery & Equipment Review
Compiled by Nonwovens Industry staff
August 7, 2013
Major suppliers of nonwovens machinery offer new technological developments.   Read More »
Nonwovens: On the Front Lines in the Fight for Safe Healthcare
Tim Wright, Editor
August 7, 2013
Healthcare trends offer opportunities for disposable nonwoven products.   Read More »
Nanotechnology Brings New Opportunities to Industrial Nonwovens
Colleen Walker, Ph.D., TAPPI
August 7, 2013
Predictions say that the global market for nanotechnology will be $48.9 billion in 2017.   Read More »
India Calling
Karen McIntryre, Senior Editor
August 7, 2013
Investment continues in India as the industry looks for the next hot growth area   Read More »