• Industrial / Institutional | Legal / Regulatory | North America | Wipes

    Industrial Wipers: The Wait Seems to Be Over

    It seems like the fight to lift onerous hazardous waste regulations from disposable nonwoven wipes in the industrial setting might soon be over…finally, after nearly three decades of fighting. These regulations stem from laws enacted in the 19…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor 07.09.12

  • Feminine Hygiene | North America | Product Improvement / Innovation | Wipes

    Growing with Girl Power

    It seems that tweens, or teens, are becoming major influencers in the feminine hygiene market. In the past couple of weeks alone, both major U.S. fem hy producers, Kimberly-Clark and Procter & Gamble, have launched new products geared exclusive…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor 06.01.12

  • Green / Sustainability | Home Products | India | North America

    Ban the Bag? Nonwovens can help.

    If you’re like me, you are constantly facing the battle of the bag in your households as plastic shopping bags—taken from supermarkets, drug stores and the like—pile up in your cabinets waiting for a second life. Even though I try t…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 05.07.12

  • Diaper, Baby | Spunbond

    Too Big to Fail

    A few weeks ago, the industry was abuzz with speculation that Avgol could be sold to PGI owner, Blackstone Capital. Avgol quickly quipped back that its recent talks with the private equity firm were simply a matter of course, saying that periodic con…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 04.05.12

  • Adult Incontinence | Turkey | Western Europe

    Buying Access

    As we went to press, SCA announced it would purchase Everbeauty, a Taiwan-based hygiene manufacturer with leading positions in the baby and adult diaper markets in China and Taiwan. Everbeauty’s major brands include Dr P for incontinence care…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 03.06.12

  • Construction | Wipes

    The changing face of consumers

    Speaking at last month’s Vision Consumer Products conference in New Orleans, Dan Butler of the National Retail Federation (NRF) shared some general observations on the global retail market.
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 02.29.12

  • Adult Incontinence | Turkey | Western Europe

    New Beginnings

    Happy New Year. Once again, Nonwovens Industry is kicking off the new year with our annual look at the disposable diaper market.
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 02.28.12

  • Construction | Spunlace | Wipes

    Separation of hygiene and industrial: Reshaping the nonwovens industry?

    Fiberweb's announcement it was selling most of its hygiene business to FitesaFiberweb is the latest in a series of moves by nonwovens makers to narrow their focus on either hygiene or industrial applications instead doing business on both sides of th…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 12.02.11

  • Fibers | Filtration | Nanotechnology

    Keeping it clean with filtration

    Thanks to Hurricane Irene, I am now the proud owner of a brand new, ultra-efficient HVAC system. This new furnace and air conditioning unit is a lot smaller, quieter, efficient and even shinier than our old model, which was about…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 11.11.11

  • Machinery and Equipment | Mergers and Acquisitions | Wipes

    On all levels, consolidation reigns in nonwovens

    Last month, the big news shaking the nonwovens industry was the sale of Ahlstrom's wipes business to Suominen (this news was so big, in fact, it broke records for the most read news story on www.nonwovens-industry.com) and what it means for the globa…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 10.04.11

  • Spunlace | Wipes

    Supply shake-up: What will it mean for wipes?

    I don’t know about you but I am still in shock that Ahlstrom is leaving the wipes market.
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 09.16.11

  • Apparel | Filtration

    Where will we be 12 months from now?

    For more than 30 years—this year included—Freudenberg has been at the top of our annual top companies report. This global company with its roots in apparel and current strengths in automotives, filtration and other technical markets has a…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 08.31.11

  • Wipes

    Social Networking: Going Where The Customers Are

    In February, it took Huggies just three weeks to become the second largest Facebook brand page in Hong Kong, where the social networking site has a higher level of penetration even than the U.S. K-C invited parents to upload their babies' photos…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 08.09.11

  • Diaper, Baby | Turkey

    Consolidation Continues In the Diaper Market

    Last month, Associated Hygiene Products (AHP) announced it would purchase former rival in the private label baby diaper market, Arquest, Inc., creating (potentially) the world's largest maker of private label diapers with big boy customers like W…

  • Feminine Hygiene | Filtration | Wipes

    A Consuming Conference

    The global nonwovens industry has an excellent opportuni- ty during the next few months not only to extend its knowl- edge in the consumer products arena, but to support the industry as well. NONWOVENS INDUSTRY is excited to be a part of it. The i…
    Rod Zilenziger Jr. 06.21.11

  • Wipes

    Cash Strapped Versus Time Poor

    Wipes, like many nonwoven-based products, credit at least part of their success to their ability to lessen the burden of everyday tasks for their users. Household wipes gave housewives a way to freshen their homes in a simple, one-step process; flush…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 06.08.11

  • United We Stand

    I have struggled for days to write this page.
    Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor 06.08.11

  • Wipes

    And the winners are...

    One of the undisputed highlights of last month's INDEX show was the presentation of the INDEX awards. These seven awards, spanning a range of categories, showcased a number of new innovations ranging from automotive carpet to an i…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 05.03.11

  • Nanotechnology | Shows / Events

    INDEX 2011: What's In Store For Geneva

    It's that time again. Time for the nonwovens industry to once again convene in Geneva, Switzerland for the INDEX show. For me personally, it's my fourth trip to Palexpo and I know many of you have many more INDEX shows under your belts.…

  • Fibers | Filtration | Spunlace | Wipes

    The Spunlace Situation: Not Too Shabby

    The spunmelt market has been in the headlines a lot as of late with major capacity installations going in around the world, reportedly to meet the need for a lighter weight, more sophisticated product in the hygiene market. While this unprecedented g…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 03.16.11