• Composite | Green / Sustainability

    Consumer Giants Push Forward Sustainability

    Sustainability is a global megatrend, which has taken hold in the automotive industry. Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly using a mixture of man-made and natural materials in cars, as well as recycled materials. Car manufacturers are primarily l…
    Tim Wright, editor 12.04.13

  • Apparel | Spunlace

    North Carolina is a hotbed for investment

    With the creation of the first cotton textile mill around 1815 by Michael Schenck in Lincoln County, North Carolina began a long process that would see it become the center of the textile business in the U.S. by the 1920s and remain so throughout the…
    Tim Wright, editor 11.04.13

  • Chinese growth continues

    In this issue we include a special focus on China, which has become of the largest and fastest growing producers of nonwovens. With rising wages, a rapidly expanding middle class, and a new focus on domestic consumption driving increased sales of non…
    Tim Wright, editor 10.09.13

  • Associations | Wipes

    Wipes Market Poised for Growth

    This summer the disposable wipes market received two major coups that will help it grow in two important, and potentially profitable categories. The first, of course, is the long-awaited, final solvent-contaminated wipes rule (better known as the &l…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 09.26.13

  • Filtration

    Toyota Boshoku’s Aggressive Expansion in Asia Continues

    After setting up new vehicle interior components production facilities in Laos and China, Japanese automotive components manufacturer Toyota Boshoku is now setting up an interior components company in Thailand. This company will be established by Asi…

  • Disposables Could Help Defeat HAIs

    Growing concerns about hospital acquired infections (HAIs) are driving the demand for disposables, including nonwovens in health care facilities. Demand for disposable hospital supplies is growing across the world, as they reduce risks of cross-conta…

  • Associations | Machinery and Equipment

    INDA, EDANA Join Forces

    Responding to the rapidly expanding global nature of the nonwovens industry, the two global nonwovens associations—INDA and EDANA—are working hand in hand to encourage the implementation of an ambitious Transatlantic Trade and Investment…

  • Wipes

    To Flush, Or Not To Flush?

    Seems like a silly question but in fact flushability is a major issue facing the nonwoven wipes industry.  We live in a disposable age, with convenient products, which can be used and thrown away. While wet wipes have been blamed for clogging up…
    Tim Wright, Editor 06.12.13

  • Off to Miami!

    In this issue we provide in depth previews of what some select exhibitors plan to represent at IDEA 2013. This is the second part of a feature we first published in last month’s March issue. In addition to this IDEA 2013 Show Issue, Nonwovens…

  • Adult Incontinence

    Adult Incontinence Market Is Booming

    It is estimated that 25 million Americans experience incontinence symptoms. Long associated with the elderly, the adult incontinence category is changing its perceptions both in terms of how it sees itself and how others see it looking in. Major comp…
    Tim Wright, Editor 03.08.13

  • Wipes

    A Sustainable Future

    The fear of global warming. The uncertainty of future oil supplies. Overflowing landfills. Am I sounding paranoid? Wait, sorry. Let me explain. Last night before falling asleep I watched part of a film called Collapse and woke up on the alarmist side…

  • Pacific Rim

    Happy New Year!

    A couple of things to start off. First, I’d like to introduce myself as the new head editor of Nonwovens Industry. I’m taking over the helm from Karen McIntyre who is still on board, at your disposal, and luckily mine. I’ve been wor…

  • Adult Incontinence | Feminine Hygiene | Western Europe

    Lean Times Ahead

    Last month, Veronica Hagen, CEO of PGI Nonwovens, one of the largest—if not the largest—makers of spunmelt nonwovens in the world, made a (not so) startling revelation. It could take until 2016 before the world’s major hygiene marke…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor 12.04.12

  • K-C Exits Europe: A Win-Win?

    Last month, Kimberly-Clark announced it would halt diaper production in Western and Central Europe, areas where the maker of Huggies diapers has struggled since entering the market in the 1990s. This announcement was not met with surprise by industr…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 11.16.12

  • Construction | Filtration | India | Mergers and Acquisitions | Spunlace | Wipes

    M&A’s Breathe New Life Into Nonwovens

    If 2011 was the year of expansion, 2012 is shaping up to be the year of mergers and acquisitions. While this trend officially began in late 2011 with the sale of Ahlstrom’s wipes business to Suominen in October, in 2012 we have seen the sale of…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor 10.08.12

  • China | Filtration | Western Europe | Wipes

    Ahlstrom’s Next Move

    Ahlstrom recently announced its intent to exit its Label & Processing business, reaffirming its commitment to the specialty materials business and making it a company 100% invested in nonwovens technology. Even though Label & Processing compr…
    Karen Bitz-McIntyre, Editor 09.12.12

  • Airlaid | Education | Green / Sustainability | Home Products | Legal / Regulatory | North America | Product Improvement / Innovation | Spunlace | Western Europe | Wetlaid | Wipes

    To Flush or Not to Flush

    One of the key developments shaping the wipes market today is flushability. With the third generation of INDA/EDANA’s Guidance Document for Assessing the Flushability of Nonwoven Consumer Products just about complete, manufacturers are poised t…
    Karen Bitz-McIntyre, Editor 09.04.12

  • Electronics | Fibers | Home Products | Industrial / Institutional | Nanotechnology | Product Improvement / Innovation

    Nanofibers: Challenges or Opportunities?

    As hygiene markets in the developed world continue to face saturation, nonwovens makers have taken a few tactics to ensure growth in the future. For some, the bet is that developing regions, like China, Southeast Asia or Africa, will offer impressive…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor 08.06.12

  • Industrial / Institutional | Legal / Regulatory | North America | Wipes

    Industrial Wipers: The Wait Seems to Be Over

    It seems like the fight to lift onerous hazardous waste regulations from disposable nonwoven wipes in the industrial setting might soon be over…finally, after nearly three decades of fighting. These regulations stem from laws enacted in the 19…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor 07.09.12

  • Feminine Hygiene | North America | Product Improvement / Innovation | Wipes

    Growing with Girl Power

    It seems that tweens, or teens, are becoming major influencers in the feminine hygiene market. In the past couple of weeks alone, both major U.S. fem hy producers, Kimberly-Clark and Procter & Gamble, have launched new products geared exclusive…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor 06.01.12