Company Address

Baspinar 2. Organize Sanayi Bolgesi
83228 Nolu Cadde No: 8
Gaziantep, 27120

Contact Information

Cagdas Yaz
Sales Manager
0342 337 1499
Phone 2:
0342 337 1598
0342 337 1413

Company Description

Mogul produces nonwoven and composite products from 3 locations in Turkey and 1 location in South Carolina, USA including: Spunlace (cross-lapped¶llel laid), PP Spunbond, PET Spunbond (Monopet, Bicomponent, Micro Splittable Bicomponent), Meltblown - SM/SMS/MMM Composites, Extrusion coated, PEVA Film and converted products made from nonwovens.
Plant Locations: 3 plants in Turkey and 1 plant in South Carolina, USA
Fibers Used: Cotton,Polyester,Polypropylene,Rayon
Applications: Filtration, Wipes, Automotive, Building/ Construction, Spill Control, Coating Substrates, Bedding / Furniture, Packaging, Landscape, Agriculture, Hygiene-Medical, Cable wrapping, Fabric Softener Sheets.
Sales Manager: Cagdas Yaz
Brands: Madaline, Buffalo, Durell, Aqualace, Mopet
Brand 2: Motex, Ultrasorb, Ultrabond, Q-wick, Duotex
Brand 3: Rowapro, Elastex, Integrale, PEVA
Brand 4: Hisorb, Hisorb +, Agrimol, Multiplex

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