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Sabine Albrecht

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Off-Line & In-Line Winding & Slitting Technology At It’s Excellence

Edelmann Technology GmbH & Co. KG is producing since 1972 winders and slit- ters only for the nonwoven industry. All developments since then are focused to produce the best roll quality in the most efficient way considering the special ma- terial characteristics of nonwoven.

Edelmann Technology developed into the technological leader for winders and slitters in the nonwoven industry being the only manufacturer offering:
• In-Line,
• Off-Line, and
• Hybrid winders

Through a strategic alliance fully in- tegrated packaging solutions for all three winding systems are available only through Edelmann.

Besides high speed Off-Line winders for a throughput of 1.100 m./min. and above, a roll width of up to 5,60 m, Edelmann is also offering very attractive In-Line wind- ers achieving a winding and slitting speed of 800 m./min. and above. In-Line wind- ers are also available for a width of 5,60 m and a roll diameter of up to 2,20 m.

Both systems can be equipped with the Simultanious knife positioning system, allowing changing the slitting position for all knives within 15 seconds only!

Thanks to the extensive experience in both, the Off-Line and In-Line winding,Edelmann Technology has been able to combine these two technologies allowing an Off-Line slitter operating in a Non- Stop operation. By adding the Edelmann Non-Stop unwinder, also the mother roll change becomes a continuous opera- tion. Both together ensures a fully Non- Stop operation for the unwinder and rewinder-slitter together achieving a line throughput not seen in the nonwoven industry.

It goes without saying that these can be equipped with very appreciated technical details like half und fully automatic shaft handling and cores positioning systems avoiding spacer rings and the need of protection sleeves, different solutions for dust suctions systems, and of course also custom made solutions for any of your requirements.

All-in-all Edelmann Technology is your best choice for winding, slitting and packaging nonwoven.

Spooling systems with fully automatic simultaneous, hands-off finished spools change and winding start-up as well as very cost efficient festooning solutions belongs to the scope of supply.

To better serve our continuously increasing customer base in the US, Edelmann Technology LP, located in Rocky Mount, Virginia is serving all our customers in US, Canada and Latin America.

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