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Gelok International

Company Address

P.O. Box 69
Dunbridge, OH, 43414
United States

Company Information

Phone: 419-352-1482
Fax: 419-352-8340
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Company Description

Gelok International is a premier manufacturer of low-profile, superabsorbent laminates that are designed to absorb aqueous fluids such as blood, exudate and urine. Applications include food tray packaging, medical packaging, spill control, personal hygiene, medical cleanup, wound dressings and filtration media for water removal.

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Roll Goods Product Information

    Plant Locations: Dunbridge, Ohio
    Thickness: 1.1 - 1.5 mm
    Width: 46 - 50 inches (1145mm - 1270mm)
    Weight: 46 - 50 gsm
    Applications: ultrathin absorbent core
    Sales Manager: Erin Johnson
    Product Manager: Erin Johnson